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RACDC Help Center Opens at Ayers Brook Center

Help Center Seeks to Match Offers with Needs from Susan Mills, Organizer The Randolph Area Help Center will open Monday, Sept. 19th and be ready to match people needing help with people who can provide that help. Startng Monday, both donors and people with needs are encouraged to call 728-8013 or send e mail to Some categories in which the Help Center seeks to match offers with needs include:

  1. – Child Care (short or longer term)

  2. – Clothing (locations offering clothing)

  3. – Emotional Support (counseling, listening)

  4. – Food (food shelf locations, hot meal delivery)

  5. – Hauling (people with trucks for delivering items or hauling debris)

  6. – Housing (short or long term, individuals or families)

  7. – Household Items (give or loan tools, appliances, furniture)

  8. – Laundry and showers (stop by and get cleaned up)

  9. – Money (sources of grants and loans, where to donate)

  10. – Paperwork Assistance (help with filling out applications, interpreting documents)

  11. – Physical Labor (shoveling, loading and unloading, cleaning)

  12. – Special Expertise (carpentry, animal care, plumbing, electrical, mold management, computer skills)

  13. – Transportation (Rides for appointments and shopping)

  14. – There is a special need right now for the shelter at VTC.  People are needed to staff the shelter during the day and overnight, if possible.  Right now there are between 10 and 12 people staying at the shelter. Those who volunteer at the shelter will get a dorm room and meals during their stay.  If someone would like to volunteer for this now, send an email to

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Please visit our new Housing & Homelessness Alliance of Vermont website at!

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