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VAHC is a membership-based advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring that all Vermonters have safe, accessible, and affordable housing. The Coalition consists of non-profit affordable housing developers, community land trusts, housing and homeless advocacy groups, public housing authorities, service providers, regional planners, funders, state agencies, and other groups and individuals.


Why Should I Join HHAV?

We rely on our members to provide us with direction and feedback as it relates to affordable housing policy in the state of Vermont. In return, members have a seat at the table for important policy and advocacy discussions.

Visit the new Housing & Homelessness Alliance of Vermont website to join or renew a membership.

  • Meetings: Our monthly membership meetings provide advocates from across the state the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and forge new partnerships in pursuit of affordable housing for all Vermonters.

  • Information: We circulate newsletters to keep our members in the loop about all things related to affordable housing, both in Vermont and on a national scale.

  • Collaboration: Affordable housing does not exist in a vacuum. The issues that our members work on often lay at the intersection of other social and public health issues. By participating in the coalition, members help us develop policy and advocacy priorities that address affordable housing from multiple points of view.

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Membership in the Coalition is a cooperative relationship – we quite literally could not do the work we do without you. Annual membership dues sustain our organization and have contributed to a number of accomplishments, including:

  • Securing a historic $35 million bond to build 550 – 650 permanently affordable homes for low- and moderate income Vermonters;

  • Fully developing the Voices of Home story-telling project to give a face to Vermonters who live in affordable housing;

  • Increasing funding for VHCB and preserved homelessness assistance funding, including Emergency Housing during dangerous weather;

  • Helping to pass regulatory reforms to incentivize housing production;

  • Fighting to preserve definitions for affordable housing in state statute;

  • Helping to oversee the creation of the “Roadmap to End Homelessness” and bringing its recommendations to key legislative committees;

  • Crafting recommendations on housing and homelessness for the Governor’s Pathways from Poverty Council;

  • Helping to spearhead a campaign to generate new revenues for housing through a proposed hotel/motel occupancy fee;

  • Working with our Congressional delegation and national and regional partners to fight against the Trump Administration’s devastating proposed cuts to housing and safety net programs;

  • Helping subsidized housing residents get organized and gain leadership skills; and

  • Helping the Vermont Coalition to End Homelessness survey and analyze the needs and priorities of its local Continuums of Care.


Organizational membership dues are based on your annual operating budget or your housing program’s budget. VAHC welcomes higher contributions. We also welcome individual memberships. Because we are committed to open participation, individuals or organizations may have their dues reduced or waived by arrangement with the treasurer if the dues present a financial hardship. Dues renew every September.

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Please visit our new Housing & Homelessness Alliance of Vermont website at!

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