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FEMA Registration Outreach Television Segment

FEMA Registration Outreach Television Segment The deadline for registering with FEMA is October 31st. The state and FEMA are concerned that many Vermonters have not yet registered for a variety of reasons. Last Wednesday night (10/5), the Vermont Housing & Communities Show on CCTV Channel 17’s Live at 5:25 segment featured Jen Hollar of the Vermont DEHCD and representatives of FEMA and SBA extolling the reasons folks should register and how to do it. The FEMA and SBA numbers and web sites were scrolled on screen during the entire show. For the first time, CCTV streamed the show live to all public access cable stations in Vermont. Some stations aired the show live, but all have access to the content. If local viewers call their local access station and request to see the program, the station is obligated to run the show. I’m asking that folks: Go to and click on “VT Access Centers” Find your local Access Channel Call the station and ask that they run the October 5th Vermont Housing & Communities Show that originated from Chittenden Community Television Channel 17 in its Live at 5:25 time slot Even better, ask that they run it a number of times through the end of the month Thanks much to you and our housing friends throughout Vermont. Mike McNamara Vermont HUD Office 802-951-6290

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