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Concrete slabs and memories

Non-profit group removes trailers damaged by Irene for free Friday December 9, 2011 BRATTLEBORO — Three months ago the tropical storm that hit southern Vermont damaged homes and businesses, some beyond repair, and changed the lives of thousands of people. For a group of seven former homeowners at Glen Park in West Brattleboro, all they have left is the few items they were able to salvage from the historic flood and a slab of cement where their trailer homes used to be. With their homes condemned, each was also left with an estimated $4,000 bill, the cost to have the hazardous buildings removed. It was an expense and an added stress that nearly cost one of the residents her life, said Mary Durland, who helped raise awareness of their plight. But because of the efforts of the Champlain Valley Office for Economic Opportunity and the Community Development and Applied Economics Department at the University of Vermont, all of the trailers were demolished, scrapped and removed free of charge. Link to Full Article PDF of Full Article

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