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Vermont OEO Shelter Census Count 2010

Source: Vermont Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO), December 21.

Each year, the Vermont Office of Economic Opportunity conducts a survey of Vermont’s homeless shelters and services providers. Known as the one-night shelter count, the survey gauges shelter utilization and provides a snapshot of people who are homeless on that evening. Data are reported by shelters, transitional living programs and homelessness prevention or essential services programs receiving Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG) funding. Below is a snapshot of the data:

  1. There are 382 persons living in Vermont’s ESG-supported Homeless Shelters. 121, nearly one third, are children under 18.

  2. ESG-supported Transitional Housing programs provide housing for an additional 146 persons, 92 of whom are children (47%.)

  3. ESG-supported Homelessness Prevention and Social Services programs provide case-management, warm meals, assistance with back rent, emergency motel stays, or day shelter to over 500 persons each day who are currently homeless or would be without these critical supports.

Reminder:  The Vermont Coalition to End Homelessness is conducting its annual Point-in-Time Count on January 26th. For more information regarding that comprehensive count of Vermonters experiencing homelessness, contact Daniel Blankenship at

Full Report available in our resource section: Vermont OEO Shelter Census Count 2010.

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