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REMINDER: Coalition meeting – Wed 7/11, 9:30am – call-in only – materials attached

The Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition meets by conference call tomorrow morning:

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 9:30 – 11:00am (please note revised end time) Dial-in Number: 1-605-475-6333 Participant Access Code: 83587#

We are experimenting with the call-in format, so please bear with us. To help assure as smooth a call as possible, please review the conference call tips at the end of this message. We are shortening the usual meeting time from 2 to 1½ hours.

Because of the call-in format, we’ll do introductions by county.  Instead of doing announcements or brief updates during introductions at the beginning, please email them in advance or during the meeting to coalition vice-chair Cindy Reid at  Cindy will announce them at the end of the meeting.

Here are links to background materials for the meeting:

  1. Revised meeting agenda

  2. June minutes

  3. Special legislative session recap

  4. FY 19 Budget Bill (H.16/Act 11)

  5. Final budget highlights

  6. Budget detail by agency

  7. One-time expenditures

  8. Tax provisions

  9. Strategic planning update & discussion

  10. VAHC Coordinator position description

  11. Rental Housing Work Group

  12. Rental Housing Safety Bill (H.907/Act 188)

REMINDER:  In keeping with past practice, there is no August meeting. The next VAHC meeting will be the annual joint meeting with the Vermont Coalition to End Homelessness in September. Date and time are TBA, depending on the schedules of invited VIP guests, but will likely be either September 12 or 18 in Randolph.

Hope to hear your voice on the phone!



  1. Call from a quiet location to avoid everyone hearing background noise.

  2. Please mute your line when you are not talking by pressing “*6”. You can unmute yourself by pressing “*6” again.

  3. Do not put your phone on hold, especially if you have on-hold music, beeping or advertisements. Your on-hold music will play, making conversation impossible in your absence.

  4. Turn off your call waiting or its beeping will disrupt the conference and may be confused with entry or exit chimes.

  5. Turn off the ringer of a multi-line phone or any other phone in the room.

  6. The best equipment choice for your conference is a land line.

  7. If possible, avoid using speaker phones, cordless phones, and Internet telephone services for your conference, as they often pick up static and background noise.

  8. A bad connection can sometimes be the cause of background static. If this happens, hang up and dial in again until you get a clear line.

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