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Irene-damage mobile homes razed in Berlin

ERLIN — Pete Ainsworth snapped photos Monday of the excavator chomping through the roof of his neighbor’s trailer. Ainsworth’s mobile home, which had also been flooded by Tropical Storm Irene, was next on the chopping block. “We tried to save what we could, some of the stuff that was hanging on the walls,” Ainsworth, 35, said. “But pretty much everything was no good.” Lt. Gov. Phil Scott, standing in front of the wreckage at Weston’s Mobile Home Park in Berlin, implored Vermonters to continue to help the people who lost their homes in the storm two months ago. A task force, organized by Scott and Secretary of Commerce and Community Development Lawrence Miller, has raised more than $150,000 to demolish uninhabitable mobile homes for their owners across the state. However, the group says it still needs another $150,000 to carry out its campaign. Article Taken From PDF: Irene-damage mobile homes razed in Berlin URL: Irene-damage mobile homes razed in Berlin

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