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hurricane disaster relief: updates & resources

MESSAGE FROM THE CVOEO MOBILE HOME PROJECT Shaun Gilpin, CVOEO Mobile Home Project Program Director The CVOEO Mobile Home Project has been trying to compile a list of affected parks. I know that there are a number of organizations trying to do the same, so feel free to exchange and cross-check this information so that we can all get an accurate picture of the effects to parks throughout the state. We have received a few updates on the status of parks in the flooding. This is our most up-to-date list: Non-profit owned

  1. · Glen Park and Mountain View Park – Brattleboro – Both parks experienced significant flooding. There is now some confusion as to FEMA regulations for rebuilding and an effort to make sure the town is disseminating appropriate information.

  2. · Verd-Mont – Waitsfield – Evacuation, little to no flood damage.

  3. · Mobile Acres – Braintree – Lacking electricity and water, significant damage to access road; HFI making efforts to restore access road.

  4. · Riverside Mobile Home Park – Woodstock – Severe flooding

Privately owned

  1. · Weston’s Mobile Home Park – Berlin – Severe flooding damage. Significant response effort underway.

  2. · Tucker Mobile Home Park – Northfield – bridge entrance is compromised, other damage yet unknown.

  3. · North East Kingdom Mobile Home Park – Lyndon – Evacuation; some flooding damage, several residents have returned to homes (resident account).

  4. · Whalley Trailer Park – Waterbury – Significant flooding (Park owner: 11 homes affected, 3’-6’ of water)

  5. · Tenney’s Trailer Park – Athens – Evidence of significant flooding, residents currently vacated (THO account)

  6. · Green Mountain Mobile Home Park – Pownal – Pre-emptive evacuation, little damage

  7. · Barbers Pond Trailer Park – Pownal – Some washout to access road

  8. · Patterson – Duxbury – Severe Flooding (eyewitness, non-resident account)

There is still another park in Pownal that was preemptively evacuated, but the Bennington Banner is reporting that there was little to no flood damage. I am not sure if Mobile Acres in Braintree has gotten their electricity back yet, although there are some reports that power has been restored to at least part of the area. Apparently the flooding at Riverside in Woodstock was similar in severity to Weston’s Mobile Home Park in Berlin. Shaun CVOEO Mobile Home Project Program Director 294 North Winooski Avenue Burlington, VT 05401 Phone. 802-660-3455 x 107 Fax. 802-651-4179 Email.

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