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hurricane disaster relief: updates & resources


August 31, 2011 AFFORDABLE HOUSING FLOOD IMPACTS AND FLOOD CLEANUP INFORMATION Dear Housing Friends, Over the last two days we have heard from many of you with reports of flood and storm related damage to the individual homes, multifamily buildings and mobile home parks that you manage and steward.  We have been reassured with your response to the crisis.   We’d like to hear from you if you have not already been in touch with VHCB staff and have sustained significant damage.  Please call or email one of us. In the event flood cleanup is an issue for you, we are passing along a link for a manual that may be helpful to you:  Rebuilding Water-Damaged Homes: A manual for the safe, healthy, green, and low-cost restoration of housing In closing, if you think volunteer cleanup of any of your sites may be helpful let us know.  We are exploring the possibility of directing volunteer effort to needy housing and conservation sites. Polly Nichol                             Rick DeAngelis 828-3259                                 828-3526

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