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hurricane disaster relief: updates & resources


Kathleen Berk, Director Housing Program Administration We’re still assessing the magnitude of the impact to our current and future clients as a result of Irene.  We have asked Senator Leahy’s office to reach out to Secretary Donovan asking for an allocation of  ‘special purpose vouchers’  for victims displaced by Irene… will keep you posted on those conversations.  In the meantime, we will be opening our waiting list for the Housing Choice Voucher program to accept applications only from families displaced by Tropical Storm Irene.  The VSHA is working with the Red Cross and FEMA and we hope to soon get into the communities most affected by Irene to take applications for assistance. Bethany Lunn, on my staff, is working with me and will serve as our single point of contact relating to ‘Irene’ related issues, including receiving inquiries relating to the need for rental assistance from victim’s and advocates. Kathleen R. Berk, Director Housing Program Administration Vermont State Housing Authority 802-828-3019 kathyb@VSHA.ORG

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