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Federal Policy Update

As the 112th Congress begins work in 2011, affordable housing funding uncertainties are coming to a head. Below is a summary of what did and did not happen during the most recent lame duck session of Congress. For a full description, go to our federal policy page, and click on Federal Update 1/11/11. Congress did not fund NHTF Senate pulled FY11 Appropriations Bill (which included funding for HUD programs) The Senate passed a 4th Continuing Resolution (CR) to continue current year funding (it is set to end on March 4, 2011). Aggressive budget plans laid out by new House majority (Majority Leader Boehner’s proposal); cutting $100 billion from the budget to bring it to 2008 levels.  Overall, Vermont could lose $86 million in federal funding. These cuts could effect low-income housing in VT in the following ways:

  1. a loss of 1,286 tenant-based vouchers

  2. a loss of $1.2 million to Public Housing Capitol and Operating Funds

  3. a loss of $1.6 million to Community Development Block Grants

  4. a loss of $900 thousand to Home Investment Partnerships

For more information please see our Federal Policy Update.

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