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CBPP – New Videos: Boosting SNAP Will Make Big Difference

Please see the following announcement from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:

We have released three new videos showing the importance of boosting SNAP (food stamps) benefits in the next Congressional economic COVID-19 relief package.

SNAP is one of the nation’s most effective programs to respond to hardship and stimulate the economy during a downturn. These three new brief videos explain that since increased need will continue for some time, boosting SNAP will help ensure that families get enough to eat and will help the economy recover.

For these reasons, policymakers must increase SNAP maximum benefits by 15 percent in the next relief bill.

The videos show:

  1. Families are facing alarming challenges meeting basic needs.

  2. SNAP plays an irreplaceable role in responding to crises.

  3. Boosting SNAP will help families afford food and stimulate the economy.

In short, Congress can act to boost SNAP benefits now. Policymakers shouldn’t wait another day.

Watch the Videos

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