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Webinar on Growing Criminalization of Homelessness in U.S. Cities

The National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty will host a free webinar discussing findings from its forthcoming report, No Safe Place: The Criminalization of Homelessness in U.S. Cities. The webinar will take place on Thursday, July 17 from 2pm – 3pm. No Safe Place provides an overview of criminalization measures in effect across the nation, and looks at trends in the criminalization of homelessness, based on an analysis of the laws in 187 cities. The prevalence of these criminalization laws is rising, including dramatic increases in the number of citywide bans, which effectively make it illegal for homeless people to perform fundamental, life-sustaining human activities throughout entire cities. Key conclusions and recommendations the report will address include:

  1. Criminalization laws violate the civil and human rights of homeless people

  2. Criminalization laws are ineffective and costly to taxpayers, and a growing body of research shows that they are both the most expensive and least effective option available

  3. Communities and local governments should replace criminalization laws with constructive solutions to ending homelessness

  4. The federal government should play a leadership role in combating the criminalization of homelessness

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