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Vouchers and Services Work Group Report Published

Earlier this year, the legislature directed the Agency of Human Services (AHS) to convene a work group of multiple departments and external organizations to determine why certain specialized housing subsidies have been returned due to under-utilization.

The working group consulted with community-based housing and human services providers to examine:

  1. whether existing expenditures on case management or other services for this vulnerable population could be utilized as match to draw federal specialized voucher funds; and

  2. Vermont’s current allocation of housing assistance funds to ensure that Vermont maximizes the ability of the State to draw federal voucher funds; and

  3. (any other recommendations the working group may make to help avoid further loss of these specialized vouchers.

Thank you to all of the community organizations that participated in the information-gathering process!

The group’s report was due to the Secretary of Administration on November 1st and is now available to the public. You can read the report on the Legislature’s website here.

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