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The VCEH Training Initiative is Live!

The Vermont Coalition to End Homelessness has new training modules to help others learn how Vermont organizations are working to end homelessness.

Since August 2020, members of the Vermont Coalition to End Homelessness (VCEH) and its partner organizations have been working steadily with Global Learning Partners to develop this series of virtual training modules. They’re live now, and free for anyone to take! Find the training modules here.

These trainings are designed for staff at Vermont organizations that provide direct services to people experiencing homelessness. The modules will help new and current staff learn about best practices, key strategies, and resources in the field. But they can be helpful for anyone who is trying to learn more about homelessness, the social services system, and the work that’s being done in Vermont. Topics include learning the philosophy behind Housing First, an introduction to Coordinated Entry (the system used to store client information), understanding trauma-informed and culturally-appropriate services, and more!

For staff and supervisors at organizations, the VCEH website also includes resources for connecting about the modules and collaborating as a workplace on getting the most out of this training. You can also register for Statewide Virtual Quarterly Training Check-ins as a follow-up to completing a module. VCEH recommends RSVPing in advance so that they can identify experts to clarify content and bring additional practical application.

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