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The Senate Appropriations Committee May Scrap $35 Million Housing Bond

At the end of March, the committee decided to delay the consideration of S.100, this year’s omnibus housing bill. Included in the bill is Scott’s proposed  housing bond, which would cost the state $2.5 million per year for 20 years. Just the week before, the Senate Finance Committee decided to pay off the bond through the $2 occupancy tax on Vermont hotels, motels and Airbnbs.

Tim Ashe, Senate President Pro Tempore, said the next step is to work with the committees on Appropriations, Finance and Economic Development to figure out whether to take the bond, and thus the occupancy fee, out of the bill.

Ashe said overall, Senators are in support of affordable housing, and saw the occupancy as a funding source for affordable housing. However, Ashe stated that now may not be the time for anything new, as Governor Scott has stated repeatedly that he will not support any new taxes or fees.

Ashe further noted that the government is trying to find a way to support affordable housing, without the funds coming from an existing program.

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