TAKE ACTION: Comment on Trump administration’s proposed changes to SNAP

Although not directly related to housing, this change will severely impact the populations served by our member organizations. Families will become even more cost-burdened without the food security provided by SNAP benefits. Even affordable housing can be out of reach for families without this critical assistance.

In addition, this disastrous policy would sidestep Congress, which rejected such harmful proposals when it enacted the 2018 Farm Bill.

For more information about the importance of categorical eligibility nationwide, visit: The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. For more specific information about Vermont – and a template for your comments –  visit: Hunger Free VT. 

Your comments need not be lengthy or involved. This is a situation where quantity matters. Regulators are required to read and respond to all comments received. Another disastrous administration proposal last winter received hundreds of thousands of comments, which delayed implementation until this summer.

Our thanks to our Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Representative Terri Sewell (D-AL) and more than 130 other Members of Congress for signing a joint letter in opposition to the proposed SNAP cut.

Together, we must stand up for our neighbors by defending a long standing state option to put food on the tables of vulnerable Vermonters. The deadline to submit comments is Monday, September 23rd.

Click here to submit a public comment | Submit a comment as a file attachment | VAHC comment letter

Thank You!

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