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Summary of President's FY15 Budget Request

Earlier in the week President Obama released his FY 2015 budget proposal.  The National Low Income Housing Coalition provides a summary of how HUD and USDA programs fair with the President’s request, found here.  Some more highlights:

  1. HUD

  2. Total of $46.6 billion, 2.6% higher than FY14, 10.1% higher than FY13

  3.  New mandatory funding for extremely low income housing

  4. Maintains funding for current tenancies

  5. Proposes restoring vouchers lost due to sequestration

  6. Strengthens resources to end homelessness

  7. Provides slight increases for numerous programs

  8. Cuts block grant programs

  9. USDA Rental Housing

  10. Consistent with FY14 appropriations

  11. Harmful policy proposal

  12. Treasury

  13. Low Income Housing Tax Credit policy changes

  14. Opportunity, Growth, and Security

  15. Details work that can’t be accomplished within spending caps

  16. Provides funding for three HUD programs- CNI, Jobs-Plus, Planning and Investment Grants

In case you missed it, you can also check out the slides from NLIHC’s recent webinar on the President’t Budget Request here.


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