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Save the Date: Engaging Residents in Conflict Resolution, March 25th in South Royalton, VT

On Wednesday, March 25th the Vermont Resident Service Coordinators will be hosting a training titled “Engaging Residents in Conflict Resolution” with Stephan LaTulippe & Christalee McSweeney from Williston Community Justice Center at the Royalton Academy Building in South Royalton, VT. Below is a description of the training (to view the flyer, click here):

Working with residents in affordable housing can be challenging if the issues involve bullying or harassment of a resident or group of residents versus another group of residents. There is a specific process that can be used to help residents “buy in” to discussions surrounding the issue of bullying and harassment. This training will give you some specific ways to engage residents and help them look at their behaviors in a non-threatening way and to engage in a restorative process which includes all stakeholders. Who bullies and why is an important aspect of this training. Giving residents and staff members tools to deal with this particular behavior is highlighted in this training. People are reluctant to engage for a number of reasons. Finding ways to help residents engage and be accountable for their actions requires teamwork between RSCs, property management, and residents and maybe even an outside agency that can be seen as neutral.

Admission is FREE for Vermont Resident Service Coordinators & Vermont Housing Managers Association members. Non-Members are invited to attend for $10 (includes admission & lunch). RSVP to 2.5 Continuing Education Units issued by VHFA.

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