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Rutland Houses Used for Drug Trafficking Will Become Affordable, Owner-Occupied Housing

NeighborWorks of Western Vermont has gained ownership of three buildings in Rutland that were previously used to traffic drugs. This has created an opportunity for the creation of three new affordable, owner-occupied homes in a neighborhood that has seen more and more of their housing stock being rented out.

Federal law allows for the forfeiture of property used to facilitate or commit felony drug offenses. It’s rarely used, says Miller, but his office filed suit against the landlord using the law. As part of a settlement agreement, the City of Rutland waved outstanding taxes and fees and passed ownership of the forfeited homes to NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, a nonprofit organization that will renovate and sell the properties. Ludy Biddle, NeighborWorks’ executive director, says new purchasers will have to live in the homes for a set amount of time and qualify financially.

Read more about these new homes here.

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