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RuralEdge's Rural Reality Campaign to Spotlight Homelessness in the Northeast Kingdom

RuralEdge is partnering with Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital, Northeast Kingdom Youth Services, Lyndon State College, and Q Burke to bring the issue of rural homelessness to light. During the first week of March there will be a series of events to raise funds to prevent homelessness and, more importantly, to raise awareness about homelessness in the Northeast Kingdom. Did you know… • Homelessness is not as apparent in rural areas as it is in urban settings? • Homelessness is a critical issue in the Northeast Kingdom? • Many of our neighbors deal with homelessness every single day? These facts and many more often go ignored because it’s different out here!  Isolation and rural life make it harder for individuals to have access to the resources they need in order to survive. Do you want to do something to help raise awareness on the issue of homelessness in the NEK? The Rural Reality Campaign will start off with a 30-hour fast which will raise funds by participants obtaining pledges from friends and family.  During the course of the week there will also be film screenings, food, and an all-night vigil in Lyndonville’s Bandstand Park.  Make sure to follow RuralEdge on Facebook for the latest updates on dates and times. Email or call 802-473-3925 for more information.

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