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Report Released on Rental Housing Discrimination in Vermont

new report by Vermont Legal Aid shows that discrimination was evident in nearly half of the test cases. Rachel Batterson will be on tomorrow’s Vermont Edition at noon with Angela Zaikowski of the Vermont Apartment Owners Association, and Ted Wimpey, Fair Housing Project Director for Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity and Chair of VAHC, to discuss the report and the steps needed to be taken to reduce rental discrimination in the state. The report finds high rates of discrimination in the rental housing market based on race, color, national origin, disability, and minor children. The results show an aggregate rate of discrimination of 44 percent, with rates of discrimination of 46 percent on national origin; 36 percent on race/color; 45 percent on minor children; and 22 percent based on disability.   Ten accessibility audits conducted on multi-family housing built within two years of the tests also find that 80 percent had some level of noncompliance with 1991 FHA design and construction accessibility requirements. Yesterday on Channel 17 Tom Garrett, Executive Director of Law Line of Vermont, also spoke with Rachel Batterson, Project Director of the Housing Discrimination Law Project at Vermont Legal Aid, and Karen Richards, Executive Director of the Vermont Human Rights Commission on the recently released report. Watch online.

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