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Report: Homelessness calls to Vermont 2-1-1 up 30%

Source: Housing Matters, April 18, 2011 “Vermont 2-1-1‘s analysis of calls to the helpline in 2010, shows calls related to homelessness were up 30 percent over the previous year. Some other findings from the organization’s recent report:

  1. Homeless families or families at risk of becoming homeless with children increased by 52 percent over 2009 (14 percent from 2009 to 2008)

  2. Homeless or at-risk callers with children make up for 35 percent of the homeless related calls

  3. The length of time people are homeless has increased over the past five years

  4. Where the data was available, 37 percent of homeless callers reported being homeless for less than one week at the time of the call

  5. A total of 3,184 referrals made to homelessness related services were given to callers who reported themselves as homeless or at risk of becoming homeless

The increase in overall call volume to Vermont 2-1-1 can be attributed to increased outreach and partnerships, as well as the challenging economic times facing Vermonters for the past couple of years. The increase in homelessness calls can be attributed partly to the After-Hours Emergency Housing contract Vermont 2-1-1 entered into with the Vermont Agency of Human Services. Vermont 2-1-1, operated by the United Way, is a simple, free number to dial for information about health and human service organizations. read the full report (PDF).”

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