REMINDER: Homelessness Awareness Day & Voices 4 VT Kids conference – Thurs, Jan 7

Annual Homelessness Awareness Day & Memorial Vigil Thursday, January 7th 8am – 4:30pm State House, Montpelier

Every year in January concerned citizens and homeless service providers from across Vermont gather at the State House in Montpelier for a day to engage their representatives and to renew their commitment to end homelessness in our state. Please join us this Thursday! Plans for the day are shaping up.  The day will kick off early at 8:00am in the Card Room. People will be present there all day from 8 – 3:30pm to share information, connect with their representatives, see the work being done around the state, and to be a part of the conversation on which strategies are working in reducing homelessness and which ones still need work. Please make every effort to contact your Representatives and Senators in advance to let them know you would like to meet with them.  You can find their names and contact information here: From 10:30 – 12, the House Committees on Housing, General and Military Affairs and Human Services will hold a joint hearing on homelessness in Room 11.  Thanks to Coalition partner, Voices for Vermont’s Children, Representatives will hear testimony from nationally recognized pediatrician Dr. Megan Sandel, who has done path-breaking work on the effects of housing insecurity and homelessness on children.  They will also hear from Vermont homeless service providers and domestic violence advocates on the latest trends and recommended solutions. At Noon community members, legislative leaders, administration officials, and advocates will take to the State House steps for a Vigil to remember our friends and neighbors who have died without homes, and to bring awareness of the struggles of those still searching for safe and secure housing. ***We are honored to have Senator Patrick Leahy join us for the Vigil!*** At 3:30pm, please convene in the House Gallery to hear the reading of a resolution declaring January 7 as Homelessness Awareness Day and recognize those experiencing homelessness and the work being done by homeless service providers and advocates. The House General Committee will reconvene afterwards (approx. 4:15pm) to hear from advocates who may not have had a chance to testify in the morning. Please click here for a downloadable flyer to print and distribute. Thank you all for your continued commitment to helping to end homelessness in Vermont. We look forward to seeing many of you on the 7th!


Advocacy Matters: Transforming our State Together Thursday, January 7 9 am – 3:30 pm Capitol Plaza, Montpelier

Voices for Vermont’s Children is holding its annual conference the same day as our Vigil and Homelessness Awareness Day.  Folks at Voices know that homeless and housing advocates will be busy at the State House, but want to let everyone know that they are welcome to come for lunch to hear Dr. Sandel’s presentation, which has been scheduled for after the Vigil so as not to conflict.  You are also welcome to come for any other part of the day for a reduced fee.  If you want to go, you can pay at the door, but will still need to register here: Here is the original conference notice for more information:

Advocacy Matters: Transforming our State Together

January 7, 2016 | 9 am – 3:30 pm | Capitol Plaza, Montpelier

What would happen if the people devoted to serving Vermont’s most vulnerable people came together, created a shared vision and worked together to make that vision a reality?  What if we really could change the world?  At this year’s conference we will work to uncover our connected interests, consider the concept of “intersectionality,” and commit to approaching our work in solidarity. Keynote speaker Karen Tronsgard-Scott will explore these possibilities and share a model for creating change in ourselves and in our world. Her framework will lead into a panel discussion that takes a closer look at intersectional issues in Vermont, and the need to resist pressures to fight for scraps or pit constituencies against each other. Next, we’ll move into an interactive World Café style exercise where organizers and advocates will share the models they use to advance their social justice missions. At noon we’ve created an opportunity for solidarity by joining advocates for a vigil against homelessness on the steps of the Statehouse. Immediately afterward lunch will be served with a presentation from Dr. Megan Sandel, a nationally recognized expert on housing and children’s health. Participants will then choose between 3 afternoon workshop sessions to develop strategies for action. Help us build bridges between advocacy movements and commit to collective impact. For a full conference agenda and to register – click HERE.

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