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Register for CBPP Webinar, “Treacherous Road Ahead: Outlook for Federal Housing Funding and Po

The safety net – including federal housing assistance – is facing the gravest threats in our lifetimes, and the road ahead will be unpredictable as well as difficult. In a webinar at 2 pm (ET) on Thursday, February 16, CBPP staff Barbara Sard, Doug Rice and Kathy Saile will guide participants through the challenging terrain of federal housing funding and policy in 2017, with an eye towards identifying key threats, opportunities, and decision points.

To register for the free webinar, click here.

Helpful background for the webinar is a recent commentary by CBPP President Robert Greenstein that outlines the mounting signs suggesting that the forthcoming Trump budget may contain cuts harsher than those in recent House GOP budgets, which themselves would have slashed programs and services across much of the budget.  Mr. Greenstein concludes: “the forthcoming Trump budget is likely to represent the largest Robin Hood-in-reverse proposal from any President in modern U.S. history, shifting substantial amounts of income from people of modest means to those who already possess enormous wealth.”

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