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Obama Administration Releases Housing Development Toolkit

The White House recently released a Housing Development Toolkit, available here, which details actions that state and local jurisdictions can take to promote housing development. The toolkit argues that restrictive zoning contributes to higher rents, exacerbates wealth inequality, and slows down economic growth. The white paper encourages:

  1. Establishing by-right development that reduces a developer’s need to seek zoning variances or other approvals which add to the length of time needed to complete a project

  2. Taxing vacant land to encourage development or finding ways to donate it to non-profit developers

  3. Streamlining or shortening permit processes

  4. Eliminating parking requirements

  5. Enacting high-density and multifamily zoning

  6. Allowing accessory dwelling units

  7. Establishing density bonuses

  8. Employing inclusionary zoning

  9. Establishing tax incentives for development of affordable housing

The toolkit has received bipartisan praise from both liberal and conservative economists.

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