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New Manufactured Home Lands in Shelburnewood Mobile Home Park

Shelburnewood Mobile Home Park in Shelburne recently received a Vermod High Performance Home to serve as a model for one year before being sold to an income eligible buyer. The Vermod homes utilize high quality construction and the latest advances in energy efficient technology to provide households with units that will remain cost stable, unlike most traditional mobile homes. The article below from the Shelburne News gives more information on the project:

The Shelburne News received word from one of our loyal writers last Wednesday afternoon that a crane was delivering a new style of manufactured housing to the Shelburnewood Mobile Home Park in Shelburne. Once in the neighborhood, the crew associated with the new manufactured home’s delivery was on hand and more than happy to discuss its arrival and purpose. “The project is a collaborative effort that includes but is not limited to the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board (VHCB), the High Meadows Fund, and Efficiency Vermont (EVT). Plus Shelburne architect David Pill of Pill-Maharam Architects, and Steve Davis and Chet Pasho from Vermod, the manufacturer, have been critical partners as well,” noted Cindy Reid, the Director of Development of Cathedral Square Corporation (CSC). “The new arrival is part of the Manufactured Housing Innovation Project, a pilot project focused on developing new manufactured homes which addresses two needs: a response to the loss of homes during Tropical Storm Irene and to increase the supply of quality affordable housing in Vermont in general,” she offered. Though mobile homes represent only seven percent of Vermont’s housing stock, they comprised 15 percent of the homes damaged by Irene. Built in White River Junction by Vermod High Performance Homes, the single wide mobile home in Shelburnewood is the 17th unit constructed and sited in Vermont. The new manufactured home utilizes quality construction and materials as well as the latest in highly efficient energy technology. All aspects of the design have been considered to provide the homeowner with the most comfort, value, and savings available. “Cathedral Square is a non-profit organization which provides affordable housing and services for seniors and persons with disabilities,” Reid began. “CSC developed Wright House, a 36-unit affordable senior development next door in Harrington Village. We got involved initially when VHCB and EVT asked if our organization would consider purchasing a new Vermod unit located in Shelburnewood. The unit will serve as a model for one year and then be sold to an income eligible household,” she informed. “VHCB, EVT and Vermod are interested in getting the word out about this innovative affordable home, so that it can be replicated in other communities,” Reid said. “Due to the style of construction, it is an appreciating (not depreciating) asset, which means Vermod homeowners can build equity. The energy usage is also low which equates to affordability for occupants. Many of the Vermods are constructed with a 6,000 kw solar pv array, which makes them zero net energy homes. We feel that this is one of many innovative solutions to the lack of affordable housing that challenges our communities.” To take advantage of the open houses at the Shelburnewood Vermod planned in the near future look for updates in the Shelburne News. Interested community members are always welcome to visit, and learn more about this innovative, high performance home.

A link to the article is here.

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