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More information on Statewide Redistricting

Yesterday we blogged a story about legislative redistricting in Addison County, VT. There were several other stories that came out recently addressing redistricting for VT as a whole.  Every 10 years, in conjunction with the U.S. Census, state’s re-draw their legislative districts to accurately represent the population. According to Nancy Remsen in vt.Buzz:

“The Legislative Apportionment Board is scheduled to vote Thursday on its preliminary proposal for new House districts. The plan will be circulated among local election officials – known as Boards of Civil Authority — over the next month, then the board will make a decision on its final recommendation to the Legislature. The board voted two weeks ago to send out a plan that creates 150 single-member House districts — a pretty dramatic change from the current configuration. David Crossman on the election staff at the Office of the Secretary of State has posted a statewide map of those single-member districts as well as individual maps for each district to help people discern the boundaries.”

To see a draft map and get information on the proposed districts, click here: VT Secretary of State DRAFT map. Listen to VPR VT Edition, Redrawing Vermont’s Political Map,  as they talk with members from the Legislative Apportionment Board.


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