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Mobile Home Parks Slowly Recovering From Irene, while State and Nonprofits Work to Prevent Future Di

VTDigger has an update on some of the ongoing Irene recovery efforts taking place at many of the state’s mobile home parks:

It’s been two years since Irene, but in some of the mobile home parks that fell in its path, the tropical storm’s impression is still visible in the form of empty lots, outstanding loans and absent neighbors. Irene damaged 17 of the state’s roughly 250 mobile home parks, flooding 218 homes and destroying 137, according to a University of Vermont study. Whalley Trailer Park in Waterbury and Green’s Trailer Park in Sharon shut down after the storm; the rest are open, though some have had to downsize — Patterson Park in Duxbury, for instance, had 19 lots before the storm but currently only four are filled… State officials and a number of their nonprofit partners are still concerned about how they’ll fare in the event of another Irene-scale natural disaster. According to research done by the UVM and the Department of Housing and Community Development, as of 2012, 32 percent of parks have some portion of their property in a floodplain and 12 percent of the mobile home lots in parks are located in a flood hazard area.

Several Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition members have been and are continuing to be involved in recovery efforts.  VAHC also worked closely on getting Act 137 passed by the Vermont Legislature in 2012.  As the VTDigger report states though, there is still a lot of work that remains, not only in recovering from the Irene disaster, but in preparing for the next one. Link to Full Article on PDF of Full Article

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