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Memory Care at Allen Brook, Cathedral Square, Williston

Image from Cathedral Square Corporation “Memory Care at Allen Brook.”

Allen Brook opened in December 2017 as the first memory care facility affordable to households on Medicaid in the state of Vermont. According to Cathedral Square’s website, Allen Brook was “designed to meet best-practice models for memory care” and provides “a safe and welcoming environment that feels like home.” With 14 apartments, a therapeutic sensory garden, and secure walking loops, Allen Brook

As part of VAHC’s Voices of Home project, VAHC has had the opportunity to spend time with Allen Brook’s 14 residents and get to know a bit about them, their lives, and their time at Allen Brook. Their stories were moving and beautiful, but one thing that stood out was that the staff were so invested in the life stories of the people who live there. Their relationship goes beyond caretaking – many of the staff and residents consider the others to be friends. To that point, the staff knew just when to say “ask about his time in the military” or “has he mentioned his planes?” to keep the Voices of Home conversations going. 

Those questions are an indication of just how much the staff at Allen Brook are invested in the health and happiness of their residents.  The level of care that the residents received was incredibly impressive. Allen Brook staff are attentive, caring, and mindful of the individual needs of each person. They are also experts in remaining positive; more often than not the days we visited included singing a song (or two or three!). 

Memory Care at Allen Brook is about more than providing people living with memory problems a place to live – it’s about creating a life and model of care that is dignified for everyone involved.

Memory Care at Allen Brook cost nearly $2 million to complete. The project received funding from the Vermont Community Loan Fund, Vermont Housing Finance Agency, 0% Loan from NEFCU, UVM Medical Center, Hoehl Family Foundation, Amy Tarrant Foundation, Vermont Housing & Conservation Board Feasibility Grant, Fountain Fund, Vermont Center for Independent Living, Efficiency VT and VT Gas.

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