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June marks second Birthday of Ready, Set, Rent!

By Leslie Black-Plumeau, June 11, 2013 “In June 2011 Champlain Housing Trust (CHT) introduced a program aimed at helping Vermonters whose rental applications were denied due to a poor credit history or a lack of sufficient credit history. Ready, Set, Rent! turns two years old this month. According CHT, the program has ‘exceeded expectations and brought about some unanticipated positive results for program participants’.  The program includes credit and money management education, along with direct work with CHT counseling resources that help participants develop a strong financial foundation. Budgeting, financial planning, developing positive money habits, and building methods and systems to support solid financial behavior are all covered as part of the program. Ready, Set, Rent! has helped 122 participants access affordable rental units so far. The report notes that many of the participants were previously reliant on alternative housing through shelters, motels, or family members.  Others were homeless. The report goes on to detail some of the specific populations the program reached, along with data on both the participants and results.”

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