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Is every HOMELESS VETERAN getting needed help?

Below is some information from Supportive Services for Veteran Families:

Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) has the resources to help very low and extremely low-income homeless veterans. The general eligibility can be viewed here (PDF file), but a short call to 802-656-3232 can help determine eligibility and start the process to getting housed. SSVF works in the housing first model. So getting the veteran housed is the first priority. We are in our third year and we are certain there are more homeless veterans than are receiving help. Is the appropriate question being asked at intake? “Are you a Veteran?” has specific meanings. SSVF criteria are for a single day of active duty service and other than a dishonorable discharge. “Do you have any military experience?” is probably a better question at intake. The SSVF theme for this year is community coordination to end veteran homelessness. We are looking forward to working more closely with you now and in the future.
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Please visit our new Housing & Homelessness Alliance of Vermont website at!

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