Federal Government Extends Support for SASH Program

A recently published article from VTDigger discusses the government’s decision to extend the funding of the SASH (Supportive And Services at Home) program. SASH helps Vermont’s most vulnerable citizens, seniors and individuals with special needs, access the care and support they need to stay healthy while living comfortably and safely at home. SASH is available in many communities throughout Vermont and serves primarily persons 65 and older and persons with disabilities. Participation is voluntary and free of charge. To learn more visit the SASH website here. From the article:

The federal government recently extended funding for a pilot program that supports Vermont’s Blueprint for Health, a primary care management initiative. That is welcome news for seniors at Town Meadow Senior Housing in Essex, who benefit from Blueprint’s Support and Services at Home, or SASH, program. SASH is essentially an extension of Blueprint’s multidisciplinary community health teams, which bring social workers, nurses and therapists into a place like Town Meadow to help seniors live healthier and stay independent. Town Meadow serves its own residents, but also acts as a hub for seniors living in their own homes who need similar support. “What’s really great about this program is that it gives us a lot of flexibility,” said Nancy Eldridge, CEO of the nonprofit affordable senior housing company. SASH allows rehab and physical therapy programs to be tailored to seniors needs, with options like tai chi and counseling, she said. SASH is supported by $700 per person per year payments from Blueprint, which is in turn funded through per member per month payments from commercial insurers, Medicaid and Medicare. The federal extension of what is known as Multi-Payer Advanced Primary Care Practice ensures that Medicare will continue to make payments to Blueprint.

To read the entire article from VTDigger click here.


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