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Evergreen Mobile Home Park In Pownal Set To Close In 2016

The Bennington Banner reports that the Evergreen Mobile Home Park is currently up for sale. While the park has been for sale previously, this time the owners say it will close if they do not have a buyer by the end of 2016. Residents of the park have also opted out of making an attempt to purchase the park. Read the article below for more details:

The Evergreen Mobile Home Park is up for sale again, but this time if it doesn’t sell it will close. Arthur Hamlin, housing program coordinator for the Department of Housing and Community Development, said his agency received a notice from the park owner in February notifying it of the intent to sell the park. The park is located off Route 7. Vermont law requires mobile home park owners to give their tenants 45 days notice whenever they wish to sell the park. This gives the tenants time to organize and investigate purchasing the park themselves, or having a nonprofit do so on their behalf. Within that 45 day period, they can organize and extend the timeframe to 165 days, giving them time to arrange the purchase. During that time the park can not be sold to another buyer. After the time period, the owner can’t sell it for less than it was offered to tenants. The park is for sale at $110,000. Hamlin said the Evergreen residents chose not to exercise their rights to try and buy the park. He said his agency will work with residents to help them find other housing. Vermont law also requires park owners to give residents ample time to find new housing when they choose to close a park. This is not the first time the park has been for sale, but it is the first time the owners have said it will close. According to documents filed with the state, Evergreen Mobile Home Park will close on Dec. 30, 2016. The park is owned by the Blake family and managed by Ernest Blake, of Williston. Blake said Thursday that if someone wishes to buy the park before the end of 2016, the family would still be willing to sell. He said a buyer was looking at the park earlier this year when it was listed for $200,000, but the deal fell through because of the septic system.. Blake said the system, while functional, is old and not up to current state standards. It’s not likely to happen, Blake said, but it would be helpful if the park were connected to the town wastewater system, which extends as far as the Southern Vermont Energy Park. There wasn’t much interest in the mobile home park to begin with when it was listed for sale several years ago. Blake said the park is assessed at $165,000. The 2.3 acre park has 19 lots and 17 mobile homes, all owned by tenants. Blake said he believes each home has about one person living in it. The lot rent is $195.

To view the entire article on the Bennington Banner website, click here.

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