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COVID-19 Support –

Please see the following announcement from COVID-19 Support VT:

COVID-19 Support Vermont Flyer

The State of Vermont recently received funds from FEMA to run a Crisis Counseling Program in response to the pandemic, called COVID Support VT.

One of our immediate goals of the program is to share educational and self-help materials on how to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and develop positive coping strategies. We need your help in sharing this information statewide with your community members.

You can help us get this information out by posting a blurb in your newsletter, sending an email, sending a voice file (via WhatsApp/Google Hangouts), and/or distributing or hanging up postcards or fliers.

Please fill out this Google Form, by August 7th, ideally, to tell us which materials you prefer for us to send you, that will work best to reach your community members.

In September, we plan to have 3 Crisis Counselors on staff, who will be available to work with Vermonters to provide short-term mental health interventions that support resiliency, refer people to longer-term emotional supports if needed, and connect them to existing community organizations and services for additional concerns.

We welcome you to forward this email on to any other organizations you think of that could help us share our materials.

Thank you in advance and please reply to Cathy Aikman ( or Liza Voll ( at COVID Support VT with any questions.

All the best,


Cathy Aikman

Project Director | COVID Support VT

802.828.7368 (w) | 802.777.7518 (m)


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