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Census Bureau releases new estimates about Vermont communities, residents

Source: | Housing Matters Blog December 15, Leslie Black-Plumeau

The Census Bureau released new estimates yesterday that provide information about the characteristics of residents and homes in every Vermont community during 2005-2009. These estimates are based on the annual American Community Survey (ACS), which asks a sample of Vermonters questions about their home and household members living there. Here’s a sample of the types of information collected through the ACS:

  1. Total monthly housing costs

  2. Household income during the prior 12 months

  3. Number of people in the household

  4. Type of fuel used to heat the home

  5. Age of the household members

  6. Whether the home is rented or owned

VHFA’s researchers are available to speak to members of the media about ACS data pertaining to Vermont’s housing market and the housing situations of low- and moderate-income people. Direct inquiries to Communications Coordinator Craig Bailey.

We’re currently reviewing the data and will share highlights as we complete our analyses. We’ll also be displaying many ACS estimates in the state, county and community profiles available at after we complete our next update in January 2011.

More information about this data source as well as direct links to the American Fact Finder ACS data querying tool are available through the Census Bureau website. Due to the small size of the ACS sample in some Vermont communities, data users are advised to carefully consider the error ranges provided by the Census Bureau with each estimate.”

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