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CCV helps veterans get an education

Source: WCAX, March 30, 2011 “Unemployment for Vermont veterans returning from Afghanistan is about 30 percent according to the Vermont National Guard. Many of those soldiers hope a college education will help them land jobs. The Community College of Vermont is working to assist these students in school and off campus in their post-war lives. “There are all these things, but you do not know which one is the best for you,” Courtney Beaulieu said. Beaulieu returned home from a tour in Afghanistan with the Vermont National Guard in November. She is studying to be a science teacher, but when she first returned home she did not know where to start. Beaulieu said, “I was really overwhelmed because there are so many different kinds of GI bills, plus there is tuition assistance.” Beaulieu turned to Maryellen Lowe, the VA Certifying official at CCV for guidance. Lowe says she’s seen a huge jump in military veterans attending classes. “Sixty more than I had last semester, which is pretty phenomenal growth, and I expect in the fall to hopefully break 300 and have even more with all the people coming back from the deployment,” Lowe said. Currently CCV has 270 students receiving military benefits across their 12 campuses in the state. Most are in Winooski, with the second highest number in Montpelier, then Rutland and Saint Albans. Lowe is pleased with the growing number of veterans attending CCV, but now she needs help…” Full Story and Video Clip: CCV helps veterans get an education PDF of Story: CCV helps veterans get an education

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