Artists and Activists Discuss Affordable Housing in Southern Vermont

Affordable housing is one of several social justice issues addressed next month at Voices of Community: Art, Food, Shelter, Justice, a gathering of artists and activists in southern Vermont. 

Washington D.C.-based artists Anu Yadav performs her one-woman show, ‘Capers (November 17-18, Next Stage Arts), which is based on the stories of of families at DC’s Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg public housing projects who protested the government-funded demolition of their neighborhood.

Yadav will also sit down with Groundworks Collaborative executive director Joshua Davis for a free, lunchtime conversation about the issue of affordable housing (November 14, 118 Elliot) and conduct a workshop about using theater-based strategies to support community organizing. (November 15, Next Stage Arts). 

Information about the entire festival is available at


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