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2015 Vermont Point-in-Time Report Released: Annual Point-in-Time Count of Homelessness Shows Modest

On a single night in January, 1,523 Vermonters were identified as homeless. The 2015 Point-In-Time Count, released today by the Vermont Coalition to End Homelessness and the Chittenden County Homeless Alliance, showed a small overall decrease in homelessness by 2.3% compared to the 2014 Point-in-Time Count. However, while Chittenden County saw a substantial decrease by 11.5%, the remainder of the state saw a small increase in homelessness by 2.4%. Of the households counted statewide, 199 had children, or 18.6% of total households counted.

  1. Total found homeless on one night decreased by 2.31% from the 2014 count.

  2. 166 persons identified as chronically homeless. Chronic homelessness decreased within Chittenden County by 33% and within the Balance of State CoC by 49% from the 2014 count. 199 households had children, or 18.6% of total households counted.

  3. 119 persons identified as veterans, almost equal to last year’s total of 120 persons.

  4. The number of unsheltered persons, those living outdoors or taking shelter in a place unfit for human habitation, was 159 persons. This is a slight decrease of 2.5% from last year.

  5. 256 persons reported as victims of domestic violence; that count does NOT include children impacted.

  6. 561 persons identified as being homeless for the first time, or 36.8% of total persons counted.

  7. 474 persons identified as having a serious mental illness, or 31.1% of the total persons counted.

  8. 422 persons identified as having a substance abuse disorder, or 27.7% of the total persons counted.

  9. 336 persons identified as having a physical disability and 94 persons identified as having a developmental disability, or 22% and 6.2% of the total persons counted respectively.


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