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Neighbors Urge Delay for Burlington’s Colchester Ave. Housing Plan

Posted April 27, 2017

The proposed 75-unit apartment complex for Burlington’s Colchester Ave is in its final stage of vetting by the city’s Development Review Board. However, on April 18, neighbors urged city regulators to delay the approval of the complex. Residents want to know more about the complex’s impact on traffic, soils and stormwater before the construction starts.

As for soils, some neighbors worry erosion will only increase, and others worry about soil contamination. Residents are worried about the placement of the complex, worrying that the building’s placement will break the spirit of the neighborhood, as a lot would be jammed into a small space. Additionally, some are concerned about traffic congestion.

On the other hand, the creation of this complex would create at least 11 affordable apartments, and could make a substantial contribution to quality of life, as people could live closer to where they study or work (such as UVM, or the hospital).

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