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Sign on to Demand the CDC Keep Families Housed During the Pandemic!

From the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC): 

Join NLIHC and advocates from across the nation by signing your organization onto a national letter urging the CDC to take immediate action to extend, improve, and enforce the federal eviction moratorium to keep renters stably housed during the pandemic.

Nearly one in five renters – disproportionately Black and Latino renters – are behind on their rents. Experts estimate that these households will owe between $34 billion to $70 billion in back rent when the moratorium expires on December 31. Without federal action, up to 30 million to 40 million renters could lose their homes, and, with it, their ability to keep themselves and their families safe and healthy. In addition to the tremendous harm to families and communities, this wave of evictions could conservatively cost the federal government up to $129 billion in shelter, service, and other associated costs.

The CDC must act immediately to extend the eviction moratorium and ensure there is not a gap in protections before President-elect Biden and Congress can reach a deal on a comprehensive relief package that includes a broad moratorium on evictions and at least $100 billion in emergency rental assistance.

We are also urging the CDC to strengthen the moratorium by closing loopholes and making it easier for renters to be protected, and to enforce the criminal penalties included in the CDC order against landlords who violate the moratorium.We encourage all local, state, and national organizations and elected officials to sign onto the letter before the deadline on December 15. Please share this letter and encourage organizations in your network to sign on!

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