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Voices of Home 


The Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition embarked on a story-gathering project in the spring of 2014 to raise public awareness about the importance of affordable housing in Vermont. This effort has expanded into a multi-media initiative to share personal narratives and portraits of residents and housing advocates statewide.

“When you think of the word


what are the images that come to mind?”

Over the past two years, we reached out to different communities, from St. Johnsbury to Windsor to connect with affordable housing residents and set-up one-on-one interviews. In these conversations, we ask about the meaning of home, and the importance of strong communities.  We’ve interviewed neighbors that decided to organize to form their own housing cooperatives, people who are formerly homeless, and individuals with severe physical disabilities. These are the stories of our neighbors, everyday people living in Vermont.


Our outreach is ongoing, supported by AmeriCorps*VISTA members and collaborators from around the state.  The narratives we’re gathering are essential to raising awareness about the importance of housing as a basic right, especially in an age of rising costs and low availability for safe, accessible, and affordable housing. We hope that these stories will resonate with our neighbors and legislators who provide key funding for housing assistance programs.

Resident Organizer VISTA Talks About Voices of Home

Meet Our Community Partners

The Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition has extremely limited capacity, and so we rely on the generosity of various community partners in order to be able to produce the high-quality content hosted on this site. We are particularly grateful to the Vermont Folklife Center, which has provided the Voices of Home project with extensive technical support and invaluable feedback that helps to support our work. The Fair Housing Project at CVOEO provides significant financial support for the two VISTA volunteers who put their efforts towards this project, and without that funding this project would not be possible. Additionally, we would like to thank Vermont StoryLab, which has provided this project with extensive consulting which has helped us expand our audience and refine the content that we're now able to bring you, Burlington City Arts who has now funded the portrait portion for two consecutive years, and Vermont Arts Council. 

About The Artist

Corrine is a local painter, volunteer, cross-country cyclist and radio programmer in Burlington, Vermont. Her service as a resident organizer  has informed her creative process. She seeks to use her work to address the role of art as a community enriching tool, and how it can be used in a way to create equitable environments for low-income peoples. 

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