Bunny Beard

Bunny sits in a large, red wingback chair, a photo album on the table next to her and the TV screen across the way displaying the news. She says she often listens to the news, because politics are very important to her. A tube connects her nose to the oxygen tank which does a whirring, tick, tick noise as she speaks.

“There is a story behind this chair.” She says, “My friend that passed away left me this chair… so see how loving this place is? And I gave my chair to a tenant on the third floor who didn’t have a chair.”

Even in her older age with limited mobility, Bunny is a leader in her community. She used to be called the mayor of top floor, before she moved downstairs to assisted living. She says it is because she is bossy and she wanted things done right, but the twinkle in her eye and the way she chuckles suggests otherwise.

Bunny has lived at 3 Cathedral Square for thirteen years. It’s in downtown Burlington, across from Hotel Vermont. The top floor has a community room that overlooks the lake, where residents can watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July if they cannot make it down to the waterfront. Its downtown location allows businesses to reach out to residents; this past winter Hotel Vermont invited the residents to join them for a cookie party.

The most important thing about living in 3 Cathedral Square is that her family can easily visit her. Family is what makes a home for Bunny. All her life, Bunny has made a home wherever she lived, even if it was temporary. She describes living at 3 Cathedral Square as peaceful.

“What makes it peaceful here?” we ask.

“We do.”

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