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Planning Ahead

Building next year's Legislative Priorities begins this year. This page is a tool for our membership to participate in the process of developing these priorities, and building policy in the future.

2022 Legislative Session


​At the January Membership Meeting, coverage will be finalized for each of our Legislative Priorities. Covering the priorities will happen on the VAHC Slack Page, and whoever is the lead on each priority will report on what's happening at our monthly meeting. VAHC will consolidate the content from slack into a short narrative monthly, so that by the end of the session we will have a concise and clear summary of what happened with each priority. In May, a final narrative about each will be pulled together from these summaries.

June 2022


The June VAHC Membership Meeting will largely be a Legislative Wrap Up Discussion followed by break out groups where some specific questions will be discussed.

  • What was disappointing?

  • What gaps do we have?

  • What do we need?


July 2022


VAHC Membership Meeting will include a summary presentation from June's break out groups, followed once again by break out groups. These groups will discuss the presentation, and offer thoughts for moving forward. 


​​August 2022


In August, the Submissions page on the VAHC Website will open, allowing members to make submissions around potential new bills to draft, or support of existing bills. 


​This will also be the month where we establish and build a Policy Subcommittee. This subcommittee is intended for members who are interested in being a part of the policy submission process. We also invite members who are working on legislation through other organizations to be included. Through this subcommittee VAHC can become the table where everyone can gather to work together on housing related legislation. The Policy Subcommittee should include representation from any other subcommittees of the Coalition (DEI, manufactured homes).


September 2022


​Beginning in September, the Steering Committee will discuss the submissions that come in from the website at their monthly meeting. Through these discussions, the Legislative Priorities document begins to take shape. The Policy Subcommittee also begins its regular meetings.  Breakout groups at the VAHC Annual Meeting are a conversation about potential policy for submission in 2023.


October 2022


At the October Steering Committee Meeting, discussions continue about the submissions coming in through the website. The VAHC Membership Meeting includes reports from both the Steering Committee, and the Policy Subcommittee (who are now meeting regularly). The Policy Subcommittee report includes a summary from the Annual Meeting break out groups, and some “temperature taking” around what direction things are heading in for legislation drafting.


November 2022


In November submissions close on the website. The Policy subcommittee is now in the act of drafting, and working closely with legislators. Submissions for new bills is due by the end of the month.


The November Steering Committee Meeting includes a final vote on the legislative priorities document.


December 2022


The December membership meeting includes a presentation of the final Legislative Priorities Document. Coverage for all the priorities is drawn from among the membership in preparation for the opening of the session in January.

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