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Voices of Home – Interview #2

In case you missed it, the Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition recently launched a new storytelling project entitled Voices of Home. Please visit to listen to our latest resident interview! Also, be sure to subscribe to our blog feed using the form in the right sidebar to stay updated on future interviews and content!

Voices of Home is a story sharing project which aims to:

  1. Empower those living in affordable housing to be leaders, through listening to and sharing resident stories,

  2. Break down stigmas that may be held by general public regarding those receiving or in need of housing assistance through community engagement and conversation,

  3. Build community by engaging residents in a project outside their immediate living situation and supporting each other through the story-telling process,

  4. Bridge conversations between residents, policy makers, and community by changing the power dynamic so residents’ voices are heard and accounted for.

For our second installment, we feature an interview with 3 Cathedral Square resident Bunny Beard. She tells us stories from her photo albums of her years in St. Albans, where she started a consignment shop many years ago. She also discusses how she has come to call 3 Cathedral Square her home for almost eleven years: “This is home,” she says. “You look around, and you may not think it’s big enough for home, but home doesn’t matter whether it’s a castle or two rooms, it’s yours. If you take care of it, it’s home.” We hope to expand on this project through other mediums and community outreach, including a moving art show. To learn more about the project, visit our About page here. If you are a resident of affordable housing or an organization that provides affordable housing or services to residents and are interested in participating in the project, visit our Contact page here. To listen to our latest interview click here!

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