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Vermont Liberals: Taxes May Help Offset Budget Cuts

Some of Vermont’s liberal legislators have suggested that tax increases  may help to offset the budget gap that they are currently facing. Some representatives propose increasing taxes on the most wealthy Vermonters, increasing the minimum wage, enacting a paid leave program with a tax on it, and cutting funds that benefit businesses. Democrats are arguing that the wealthiest Vermonters can easily absorb these tax increases without issue. Further, liberals argue that cuts to certain programs that directly benefit businesses could save the state over $7 million dollars a year.

One program that is currently facing large cuts is the Cold Weather Exemption, which provides shelter to homeless Vermonters on the coldest nights of the year regardless of their eligibility status for GA Motel vouchers. These cuts could seriously jeopardize the state’s ability to provide shelter for our most vulnerable residents on nights when the weather is at its most brutal.

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