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Vermont delegation fears shutdown

Source: Bennington Banner, April 5, 2011, by Neal P. Goswami “BENNINGTON — Concern of a government shutdown by the end of the week is growing among Vermont’s congressional delegation, after a White House meeting Tuesday failed to result in a budget agreement. ‘Increasingly alarmed’ “We should not have a shutdown, but I’m increasingly alarmed that we will have one. Every hour that passes makes a shutdown more likely,” Rep. Peter Welch said in a telephone interview Tuesday. Republican House Speaker John Boehner made clear following Tuesday’s meeting with President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that no deal was in place. He called cuts sought by the White House and Senate Democrats “gimmicks,” and insisted in a statement that “policy provisions must be part of any final agreement, because the American people are concerned, not just about how much we’re spending, but also how we’re spending.” Obama, who took to the White House podium, cast a stern but more hopeful message that a deal will be reached by Friday to fund government through Sept. 30, end of the fiscal year. “We are now closer than we have every been to getting an agreement. There is no reason why we should not get an agreement,” Obama said. “The only question is whether politics or ideology are going to get in the way and cause a government shutdown.” Congress has already passed two continuing resolutions to fund government while working on a final spending plan. The president said a final agreement is needed, not another continuing resolution…” Full Story: Vermont delegation fears shutdown PDF of Story: Vermont delegation fears shutdown

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