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UVM: Sleep Out to End Youth Homelessness- March 25

This Saturday, March 25, Volunteers In Action will bring the sleep Out movement to UVM’s campus for the first time. The Sleep Out movement is worldwide, and helps create awareness of local homelessness and organizations fighting to end homelessness. On the night of the sleep out, participants will sleep outside in unison with community members facing homelessness. Many former participants state the experience as eye-opening and life-changing.

The State of Vermont’s Ending Family Homelessness by 2020 campaign states that on any given night, over 1,100 Vermonters are without housing, one out of four of them being youth.

This past Thursday, more than 100 people slept out in the cold outside of Burlington’s Unitarian Church to help raise money and awareness for Spectrum. The organization expects to raise more than $250,000 as a result of these sleep outs.

The UVM Sleep Out will support Spectrum, the VCRHYP member agency of Chittenden County, which provides support services and temporary housing for youth experiencing homelessness or at-risk of losing their home.

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There is no registration deadline for this event, ,but pre-registration is required. Learn more here.


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Please visit our new Housing & Homelessness Alliance of Vermont website at!

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