Update on Aid to River Run Mobile Home Park Flood Victims

Source: WCAX.com, Molly Smith, 6/30/11 Central Vermont saw some of the worst flooding this spring, but families have not received any federal dollars to get them back in their houses. Two weeks ago 15 people were still calling the Red Cross shelter in Barre home. The shelter is now closed. City officials say some people were given help with down payments to get them in permanent housing. But inspectors have not decided whether to condemn the River Run mobile home park where some of the other displaced residents live. So they are still relying on the state for a place to stay. “They have been placed in alternative housing, specifically motels and hotels. We have come up with vouchers and placed them temporarily. If it is determined they cannot return to the mobile home park then obviously we will have a second step and we will have to place them permanently,” Barre Mayor Thom Lauzon said. State officials are expecting FEMA officials to make a decision later this week about whether individuals in Central Vermont will be eligible for federal flood assistance. Click here for video on this article: Barre flood victims still waiting for federal help

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