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Thank you for voting Yes on 8! Burlington Preservation Ballot Item passes by 70%

Thank you for all of your support VOTED YES on 8 in  the Burlington wards! This ballot item passed by an overwhelming 70% majority, with a total of 4,102 yeas to 1,753 neas. Thanks to everyone who has helped out in some way with the “Save Our Homes” campaign, especially folks who donated financially. With your help, we were able to get flyers out to over 15,000 Burlington households through the North Avenue News, as well as print up lawn signs. Your efforts help to support the proposed state legislation that would require owners to give tenants longer notice and establish a fair, consistent process for estimating the value of a property to ensure that the sale price is actually the fair market value.  This will not cost owners anything, but will allow time either for a housing organization to purchase the building, or for tenants to find new homes.

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